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It can be quite frustrating to find the right legal advisor in the Wausau area. At No Justice Denied, we are here to help you sort out any allegations of criminal activity you are facing.We Help with Legal Assistance and Assistance of Helping Incarcerated Inmates with Everyday Problems. We have extensive experience in criminal cases, and our practice is founded on two beliefs – first, that everyone deserves a strong defence, and second, we believe in the rights of every litigant whatever the situation. Please call us on +17158033480 to arrange a meeting.

Reviews and Procedure

At times you may feel that we are working too slowly for your liking; don't worry, we are following the correct legal procedures. Our team is well regarded within the legal community for our meticulousness, and we’re always sure to keep every detail about your case, no matter how minor, confidential. Additionally, as we understand how upsetting it can be to face these allegations so your case will only be discussed in your presence and with your authorisation.

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As criminal legal advisors, we provide advice to persons accused of things like theft, smuggling, drug dealing,violent crimes, forgery and various other criminal activities. Law enforcement and judicial authorities respect us for our meticulous approach and dedication to our clients' cases as well as our expertise is in understanding the legal process. We continuously train our team to ensure they have an expert understanding of all laws and acts, resulting in highly talented experts. If you are planning on visiting us, please call ahead so that we can prepare for a consultation.


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